Hi we’re Perino!
And we’re launching
an attack on snacking!

When it comes to top-quality Aussie tomatoes, there’s really only one choice – that’s us, Perino! The naturally sweeter snack.

Bursting with flavour, we’re infiltrating our naturally sweeter selves into peoples’ lives, bringing a superior quality no other snack tomato can match. We’re the original snacking tomato on the market thanks to our parents, Costa. And we’re exclusive to Coles.

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We’re the perfect sized snack. Any time, day or night.

We know we’re delicious and you should too! That’s why we’ve infiltrated all types of snacking, because once you have a taste you’ll be snacking on us all the time. So the next time you’re looking for a healthy boost – just grab a pack of Perino to go!

It’s not just the quick snacks that are sorted though – breakfasts, lunches and dinners can all be made more delicious, check out our recipes.

Happy (and healthy) snacking!

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We’re grown right here in Australia. All year ‘round!

We’re carefully grown in glasshouses at our home base in Guyra, but have growers all over Australia. We’re sustainably raised by tomato experts who know exactly how to keep us at our best and because we live inside, our conditions are always ideal, no matter the season. Then when we’re ripe, we’re hand picked straight from the vine so our sweeter flavour lasts longer and we are delivered full of flavour for you to enjoy!

We’re the naturally sweeter snack tomato. Firm, delicious and nutritious!

Because we’re glasshouse grown, we’re always bursting with a beautifully balanced flavour even the pickiest eaters will find it hard to say no to! We’re naturally sweeter than other tomatoes with a firm, mouth-watering texture. We might be small, but every Perino tomato is packed full with flavour that’s in a class of its own. Yum!